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Spiritual Love Notes is a semi-weekly newsletter that I'm creating. I'll share spreads, insights, readings and more from my tarot journal.

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August 12

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September 28, 2020


November 8, 2018




Sharing My Love for the Akamara Tarot and Okana Oracle Decks

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I'm  Jovhannah!

I created Spiritual Love Tarot. I'm a Mom, Social Media Manager, Spiritual Healer, Intuitive Tarot Reader and Coach. On the interwebs, I'm known as The Spiritual Love Healer. I own a biz, Spiritual Love Sanctuary and run an online community to women in reaching their goals and dreams, called the Abundance Code Collective. I love using my gifts to help others. Spiritual Love Tarot is my magical journal, where I share my readings, spreads, reviews and so much more! My spiritual path is a lifelong journey and this is a place where I can bear my soul.

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Jovhannah is more than a card reader! Her insight on what she reads is from her heart. I honestly enjoyed what was one of my first extensive card readings. I walked away feeling hopeful and on track. It’s not just about the cards it’s the advice and insight that Jovhannah gives to you. Honesty and truth is what you need during a reading and that is what you will get from Jovhannah.


I just had to take a few moments and let you know how much you have helped me. You have such a gift with your card readings. Your insights are amazing, and I love the way you help me not only gain insight about myself or a particular situation, but you help me create a plan of action to take so I can make positive changes in my life. Thank you, thank you! 


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